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Safety & Security Is The First Priority For Every Cbrne Detection
Global Business Consultancy Provides Best-Of-Class Cbrne Equipment
And Accessories That Detect Threats In Each Critical Cbrne Domain Such As Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, And Explosive As Well As Narcotics Too.

We Offer A Range Of Proven Products In Relation To Our Partners, From Hand-Held Detectors To Large-Scale Infrastructure Monitoring Systems. We Serve Markets World-Wide.

Global Business Consultancy Team Specializes In Contract Research And Development, With A Special Focus On

Optical Sensors For Chemical, Biological, And Other Parameters

Microparticle Air Sampling Capability

Advanced Technology Airflow Management

Instrument Control Software Development

Areas we serve

Cbrn Detection And Identification

Air Samplers And Collectors

Infrastructure Protection Solutions 

Why Global Business consultancy?

Global Business Consultancy Partnered With National & International Organizations To Offer Specalized & Well-Organized Security Solutions In Cbrne.

Our Teams & Partnered Engineers Make It All Easy To Use With An Intuitive Control Interface That Monitors All Instruments And Keeps Operators Informed Of Any Threat. Especially In Protection Systems For Mailrooms, Subways, Train Stations, Stadium Venues, And More. 

Gbc & Its Partners Are Committed To The Development Of New Leading-Edge Technology-Based Products In The Area Of Physical And Chemical Sensing, With Special Emphasis On Mobile, Cloud-Based, And Robotic Solutions.

Gbc Cbrne Security Solutions Help Make Sure First Responders Can Keep The Situation Under Control At All Times, From Managing Victims During Triage To Organizing Decontamination And Evacuation Operations To Optimizing The Supply Chain For Spare Parts And Consumables, Or Monitoring Compliance With Waste Management Procedures.

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We provide the expertise your business needs to help chart your transformation journey from ideation to build & to scale with our global presence.

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